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Bolting new routes and rebolting existing routes is one of the main focus of Bolting Antalya. These climbing routes are built and maintained by volunteers and add great value to the climbing areas of Antalya. Off the many climbers, only a few develop a passion for bolting. For bolting routes you need strong muscles, lots of spare time, several years of climbing experience and a lot of knowlegde about bolting. Bolting Antalya wants to support bolters and we would like to stimulate more climbers to help us.


We can use help.
Join our team!

If you would like to bolt new routes or rebolt existing routes, that's great! Please follow the steps below and see you soon at the crag! If you would like to learn how to bolt or if you have any questions about bolting, please contact us.

  • Read our Bolting Guidelines (coming soon)

  • Contact us and tell your idea's

  • Inform us about your new route / rebolted route

To ensure a minimum of safety and quality standards and to obtain sustainable route development with a minimal impact on the environment, Bolting Antalya is working on a ‘Bolting Guideline’ for new route development and rebolting. These guidelines will be published after all the local parties agree on the set of standards.


We work hard to maintain all routes in Antalya Region. It can however happen that you discover bad fixed gear or a dangerous run-out. If you see a problem, please report the route to us and we add the route to our Rebolt Database. Thank you.

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