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On behalf of climbers Bolting Antalya is dedicated to conserve the climbing areas in the Antalya Region and maintain access to them. Our work is to directly improve the climbing environment and allowing greater enjoyment of the sport. With your support, we supply new route gear, rebolt existing routes, improve trails, clean crags and engage with local politics to ensure your favorite crag stays accessible.

Bolting Antalya is a team of Antalya-based climbers. The team works together with all volunteers from Antalya and outside. We are working together with other groups and initiatives and interact with local and provincial government and the private sector on behalf of climbers. Bolting Antalya was established in 2019 and is non-commercial and not a registered community.


Make a Donation

Re-bolting existing routes, bolting new routes, improving trails and cleaning crags require an investment of time and money. Many volunteers make sure all the work is done. But for buying bolting gear we are depending on your donations. Those will be used directly to buy bolts, anchors and fixed quickdraws. If you want to make a donation, please leave a donation in the Bolting-Donation-Box or buy the Geyikbayiri Brush in one of the local camping’s. Thank you for your donation and support.




Geyikbayiri Brush

Thank you for your donation and support.

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